KYU/DAN start conditions

16 years old and above must be black belt registered with SKIF-GHQ. 15 years old and younger – Brown belt accepted.

1. Junior Men’s and Women’s Team Kumite and Kata (15 – 17 years old) – NEW from this WC, All members must be black belt (including 15 years old)
2. Max 8 competitors/nation for Junior’s divisions
3. Master’s divisions is opened to unlimited number of competitors

SKIF Membership

Please remember that all participants must be SKIF members and register WITH their Dan number

Protectors for kumite categories

  • Body protectors (worn under the Karate-gi) are compulsory for 15 years old and under
  • Hand protectors and teeth protectors are obligatory.
  • Shin and foot guards are forbidden.
  • Chest protectors for any female categories are allowed (worn UNDER the karategi), for male forbidden.
  • Face mask is forbidden.
  • Groin protectors are allowed.
  • Hijabs are forbidden as they present a danger to the competitor and her opponent. Only caps are allowed, please refer to the website of SKIF HQ (
  • T-Shirt worn by female athletes under their karategi must be white.
  • Hand protectors – all white.The only provider for gloves is Hisho. Other gloves models are not allowed. INFO HERE >
    • The Hisho protectors will be selling at the tournament place
  • Teeth protector – only white or transparent gum shields without any markings are allowed (without exceptions).

Starting in different age category

It is forbidden to start in the age category that is not same as competitor’s age. Year of birth is relevant (not the day of birth).

Competition rules


  • All kata categories including masters will have kohaku preliminary system (flags) until FINAL, except seniors 20-39 who will have preliminary, semifinal and final rounds.
  • There will be final for 8 competitors in categories which have 32 and more competitors. And in categories with 8-31 competitors there should be final for 4 competitors.
  • Kata TEAM – 2 rounds (semifinal / final) for points. If there is 8 or less contestants – directly final.

SKIF Manager / Official Meeting 2016 – JAKARTA

Important info:

Meeting minutes 2016-08-25 SKIF Manager-Official meeting[pdf]

Meeting minutes 2016-08-25 SKIF General Assembly [pdf]