Hand protectors & Karate GIs

Hand Protectors

HISHO – are the official kumite gloves

All participants are REQUIRED to Use HISHO Official Kumite Gloves At The World Championships 2019

Fill it in and send it back to the Hisho by an e-mail or a fax.

The gloves will be also sold during the tournament at the venue.

Karate GIs

  1. Any athlete wearing a karate-gi made from thin see-through fabric or that includes mesh will not be allowed to compete.
  2. The only karate-gi markings that are permitted, aside from one’s personal name (which should be written vertically in the lower right-hand corner of the karate-gi jacket, above the manufacturer’s label), are the SKIF logo patch (either the Shotokan tiger mark or the vertically written Chinese characters) and a national flag. Also, the label of the manufacturer must be on the right-hand side of the hemline of the karate-gi jacket. If the logo of the manufacturer appears anywhere else (chest, shoulder, upper back, etc.), it must be smaller than 5 cm square and covered using white fabric sewn on with thread. (Covering the logo with tape is not permitted.) Any karate-gi with a logo or any type of embroidery larger than 5 cm square will not be allowed.